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Title: MASTOID LITH IN CSOM : a case report
Authorís name: Dr. Syed Arham
M . S . E N T (Otolaryngology)
Bhopal (M . P .) INDIA.
Mailing Adress: 83, New maulana azad colony Idgah hills
Bhopal, PIN : 462001. M .P . INDIA.
E.Mail Adress: drarhamhusain@gmail.com.
Mobile: 91-9827016285.

Introduction: This is the first reported mastoid lith in medical history in a case of chronic suppurative otitis media.
Objective: Here we will discuss a case of mastoid lith in a patient who had undergone mastoid exploration for chronic suppurative otitis media with facial paralysis.
Method : case report.
Conclusion: Long standing infections in salivary gland ducts, kidney, ureters ,gall bladder, urinary bladder, tonsils (tonsilloliths) nose (rhinolith) etc may cause formation of stones and concretions when there is long standing stasis of chronic infected material. The formation of stone along the facial ridge of mastoid bone with bone erosion has caused gradually increasing facial paralysis.
MASTOID LITH: a case report
Dr.S.Arham M.S. ENT
Introduction:This is the first reported case of mastoid lith in a patient with chronic suppurative otitis media throughout the world in medical history.
Case: This is a patient who reported in ENT Clinic with chronic suppurative otitis media along with gradually developing facial paralysis he was prepared for mastoid exploration
After drilling out the outer cortical bone it was observed that from the mastoid antrum there was a stony hard structure along the course of facial nerve with horn like extensions this was a 13 mm stag horn type of calculus embracing the air cells of that area I tried to remove it in one piece but failed and I had to break it into 2 pieces to remove it completely as there was erosion of bony facial canal beneath this stone.
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